Available Remedies Made from the Placenta

Placenta Capsules

Simple Placenta Preparation, dehydrating the placenta from its raw state at 70*c.  

  • Clients have reported Simple capsules are better for energy

Steamed Placenta Preparation, steaming the placenta prior to dehydration. Steamed capsules will yield slightly less capsules, approximately 10% less. 

  • Clients have reported Steamed capsules are a bit gentler and more calming compared to the Simple capsules. They may be appropriate for mums who are sensitive to hormones. 

50/50 - Half Simple and Half Steamed, half of your placenta will be prepared using the simple placenta preparation and the other half will be steamed piror to dehydration. 

  • By having access to both Simple and Steamed capsules clients can adjust the type of capsule they take depending on the day and time as to what the body needs. This will give you more control of your placenta capsule experience. 

*** Any client who tests positive for GBS or has meconium at birth will have their placenta steamed as an added precaution. ***

Umbilical Cord Keepsake

The umbilical cord is stylishly shaped before dehydrating leaving an artistic keepsake that can be displayed proudly.

Placenta Tincture, 200ml

Placenta Tincture is made from a piece of the mother raw or dehydrated placenta after birth, steeping in alcohol making a strong remedy over 6 weeks. Placenta Tincture information provided by PRN

As the Placenta Tincture can be made using dehydrated Placenta it is compatible with clients who have tested positive with GBS.

***As the alcohol comes in contact with the placenta it is not recommended to be used by anyone but the mother***

Preserved Placenta Oil

Organic Cannabis sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil is infused with dried placenta and is NOT intended for internal consumption. 

Hemp seed oil is natures richest source of PUFAs, which increase the moisture retention of our skin, keeping it soft and supple and our hair healthy and strong. Essential fatty acids contained in Hemp seed oil have been clinically proven to alleviate or remedy dry skin, minor skin abrasions, acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies heal on a vibrational, energetic levelHomeopathic Placenta Remedies information provided by PRN.

Homeopathic remedies are made by a registered Homeopath using a placenta capsule.